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The Power of Mornings: An experiment on Productivity – Part 1

Most of us are familiar with the usual morning rush; rush to get ready, rush to get your kids off to school, rush to beat traffic. If we’re lucky we get a cup of coffee down before we’ve started taking calls and responding to e-mails. But what if mornings didn’t have to feel like this?(…)


Going Back to Work After Vacation

As the best vacation I could ever ask for was coming to an end, I realized that I would need to return to reality and head back to work soon. Just the thought of all the e-mails and updates that I had waiting for me back at the office was overwhelming, so I knew I(…)


How Gardening is a lot like Branding

Tending my garden is one of my favorite things to do in the summer. I could spend an entire day weeding, watering, dead-heading flowers, pruning, harvesting, etc. It is so exciting to see the vegetables and flowers that I’ve been tending to since April are thriving. It’s also highly irritating when I see that some(…)


5 Apps to Help You Stay on Track

Life is hectic by itself, but if you throw in an upcoming vacation, a wedding to plan for, or a huge presentation to give, the crazy walls can start crashing around you. It’s important to stay organized, and keep your sanity, amongst all the clutter that surrounds our lives. Technology can be a real friend(…)


What to Write About When You Don’t Know What to Write About

Let’s face it; no matter how creative you are, or how good you are at writing, you will run into writer’s block at some point in your career. And it sucks. There are many different ways that you can try to coax creativity out of your brain, like Lucy touched on in her blog post Three(…)


B.A. Burrito, La Crosse, Wisconsin, Partners with The BLU Group Advertising and Marketing on Direct Mail Campaign That Yields 20% Response Rate

Targeted direct marketing campaign with special offers still going strong weeks after being mailed. Hundreds of postcards being redeemed weekly at B.A. Burrito’s three locations in Western Wisconsin. Who says direct mail is dead? Nobody at The BLU Group Advertising and Marketing (TheBLUGroup.com) or B.A. Burrito (baburritoco.com) that’s for sure. The reason is due to(…)


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