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Six Steps to Help You Grow Your Business Through Existing Clients

Growing your business and increasing profit margins is hard work, especially in the small business sector. One of the ways to succeed in this area is to add new clients on a consistent basis. New clients mean new projects plus added revenue and profit. However, businesses and agencies alike often focus too much effort on(…)


How to Handle Negative Comments on Social Media

Let’s face it; no one likes to be criticized. When managing a social media page (or multiple pages), you can expect to get your fair share of negativity and rude comments from fans. You may even have bad days where all you feel like doing is drop-kicking your computer and calling it quits. But before(…)


Seven E-Newsletters to Inspire Designers

Design inspiration can come from anywhere – fellow designers, nature, music, art, blogs, packaging, etc. One of my favorite places to go to get design inspiration is, believe it or not, my inbox. I have a bunch of e-newsletters that I have signed up for that I use to take a break from my day(…)


Make your Business Page Pin-teresting

By now, I’m sure you’ve heard of the growing popularity of Pinterest for personal and business use. It’s currently the third most popular social network (behind Facebook and Twitter) with 28 million visitors each month. More importantly, Pinterest ranks as the #14 source for generating website traffic. With all the social networks, search engines, and(…)


The Art of Providing Amazing Customer Service

The steps for providing good customer service get plenty of attention, and you can find thousands of articles, books, and blog posts explaining what the perfect formula is. But for professionals pushing ahead in a competitive market, who want to grow the brand of the company and their personal brand, they have to go well(…)


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