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A Person’s Name Is Their Favorite Word…Don’t Mess It Up!

The importance of having accurate customer information. I recently received an e-announcement from Ford – Owner Advantage Rewards. Usually, these contain coupons for $X amount off a car service or a free oil change for my vehicle. I like receiving these updates and the savings they offer will come in handy the next time I(…)


4 Tips for Creating Awesome Content on Facebook

Content creation is one of the most important aspects of social media marketing. Facebook determines what posts get seen by which fans, so the content of the posts need to appeal to Facebook’s algorithm. You need to post the content at the appropriate times, as well as develop content that will resonate with your fans.(…)


Six Quick E-Mail Marketing Design Tips

Lately I have been designing a lot of e-mail marketing materials and thought I would share some tips to designing an effective e-newsletter and/or e-announcement. I pared them down to six quick tips you can use right away. Tip 1: Remember your audience. Always keep your audience in mind when designing and building your e-newsletter or(…)


4 Social Media Lessons to Take from the Jennifer Livingston Story

All hail the great, all-mighty, Social Media Network! Ever since Jennifer Livingston stood up to her bully, the power of social media has been evident around the globe. Many of us knew how important it was to keep a watchful eye on our business social media pages, but after this event, the realization really hit home. When(…)


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