Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing with The BLU Group - Advertising & Marketing

Social media is the fastest growing media platform for businesses to deliver their message and engage directly with their customers. Social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ allow for conversations between the consumer and a business, generates traffic to a business' store and website, and helps build profitable relationships with customers and prospects. The most important reality for businesses to be aware of when utilizing this great resource is that quality is king and engagement is essential.

To engage your fan base, you need to send out quality information and you need to do it at the right times. Figuring out when, what, and how often to post content, what social media platforms are best for your company to utilize, who to engage with and how to do it, handling criticism and complaints, and determining what strategies are working to accomplish your goals, are all part of everyday considerations when running a social media campaign. This may seem overwhelming, especially with the numerous responsibilities and tasks associated with running a business.

Our agency is experienced with managing numerous social media campaigns and we have a team dedicated to running all aspects of our clients' social media programs. Based on the nature of your business and your goals/objectives, we develop custom strategies and tactics to reach your goals. We take care of everything from set-up, clean-up, day-to-day postings, interactions with fans/followers, growth, maintenance, statistical analysis, and follow-up of the overall campaign. We have experience working with all social media networks with a focus on: Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+, LinkedIn, Flickr, YouTube, Foursquare, and Yelp.

Social media marketing is not something that can be done successfully if you only do it when you have time or when you remember to. It requires a dedicated and on-going effort by people that understand your brand, know what it takes to develop a strong inbound marketing program, and have the experience to deliver positive results. This is what you get with The BLU Group - Contact us today.